Order and pay for a new banner.
My school or team is not covering the cost of my banner.
Please have player information and credit card ready.

Pre-register my information for my upcoming photo shoot.
Use this link ONLY if your school or team is purchasing your
banner OR if you are responsible for paying for your banner and
you are NOT paying online. (paying at photo shoot)

Pay for a banner we already had our picture taken for or was
already made but I have not already paid.
Please have credit card ready.

Submit my info for a banner that I (or someone else) will be
submitting the image(s) to YKIA to create. I may also make my
payment online.
Use this link only if you (or someone helping you) is going to
submit images to us via email to create your banner.

Read the Terms of Service
Here are some important things your should know
about our program.