Spirit banners can be designed to include slogans, logos, team mascots, photos, etc...These are
often coupled with horizontal banners as a way to fill in blank spaces or as a way to achieve a but
don't have a sufficient number of player to create the overall effect, you can fill in those "blank" areas
with spirit banners. Spirit banners are a way to show your school pride at home or take them and
hang them at away games or tournaments to take your pride with you!  
Other Banner Ideas
Spirit Banners
  • Banners are a great way to convey your message
    anywhere, indoors or out! Other possibilities include:
These banners were designed as 4' x 8' individual banners. These, like all our banners, were
custom designed. It was requested that they be secured below the bleachers, which is why the
actual design stops at the 6' level. The bottom blank green portion was not visible as you can see in
the application photo above. We can work with your school or organization to include your team or
club's mascot or logo or other design elements in the design to meet your vision. Photography is
included for all Medina County Schools, clubs and teams at no additional cost. Schools in counties
other than Medina may submit their own photos or we can make arrangements to photograph your
team. Additional charges may apply.
  • Sponsor Advertising
  • Booster Advertising
  • Upcoming Events / Shows
  • Concession Menu / Pricing
  • Motivational Sayings
  • Directional Banners
  • Field Numbers
  • Field Maps / Layouts
Vertical Banners
  • Fence Decoration
  • Tournament Brackets
  • Team Rosters / Pictures
  • Team Achievements
  • Senior Nights
  • Player Progress Chart
  • Team Send-Offs
  • Team Welcome Backs
These banners are made up of 3' x 3' or 3' x 4' individual banners. They are printed, based on total
number of players, on banners up to 30' or 10 players max per banner. Pricing varies based on total
quantity per school or club. Cost is $30-$50/per player with a minimum of at least 40 players per
year. Additional charge for less than 40 players will apply. Photography is included for all Medina
teams at no additional cost. Schools, other than Medina, may submit their own photos or we can
make arrangements to photograph your team. Additional charges may apply.
  • Design Service Included
  • Full Color Printing
  • Photographs Welcome
  • Horizontal / Vertical
  • 2 Yr. Fade Free Guarantee
  • 13oz Vinyl Banner Material
  • Grommets Included
  • Fast Turn-Around
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